Sad Day, I’m Retiring As A Blogger. FWG Is Officially Done

Sad, sad day for me.  After over a year of taking the internet by storm, this blog has finally come to an end.  I’ve decided that if I’m blogging,  I can’t pursue my real passion: Ice Dancing.   With the next Winter Olympics a mere 4 years away, the training must begin now.  I’ve already got this little sequened number picked out.  So with that, I bid my 5 or 6 adoring fans good bye.  The rest of you can go screw.

April Fools, Kids.  You’ll never get rid of me.

Tune in later today, when I unveil our first female fan mail… WITH PICTURES!

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  1. Damn…. you got me. I was about to be all pissed off for a second.

    Good one.

  2. THat was good, I almost had nothing to do every morning. Keep in touch and I still want to see what I can do for the summer with workouts.

  3. I dont know which is the better April Fools Joke…that you would ever quit blogging or that FWG has a female fan


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