Calhoun the Killer

Apparently Jim Calhoun also brought his fraternity paddle to his post game press conference. (The boys of pi epsilon pi are ecstatic). A free lance reporter, who’s site can be found HERE asked him if he was going to give back any of his 1.7 million dollar salary, in the face of the states current budget crisis. Calhoun promptly cut the reporter down, with “Not a dime. Not a dime!” He then took out his paddle and beat the guy senseless (or at least that’s what it seemed like to me).
You could hear the quiver in this reporters voice. Like a kid asking his Dad for more allowance.
Let me say this, I’m tired of this give the salary back crap. This commie loving, share the wealth, B.S. It was the same with football at UConn, even other athletes asking why they didn’t get as much gear (shoes, shorts, etc.) as the football team. Well, that would be because unlike rowing or track, Football actually makes money for the University. Same with basketball. They generate 12 million dollars a year for the school, not to mention untold amounts in merchandising and exposure which brings more students to UConn. I’ve had enough of it. If he wants to give it back? Fine. If he doesn’t? After two national titles, the second most current NBA players of any school, and a number one ranking, he’s worth every penny.

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  1. And by the way, there is a Jim Calhoun cardiac wing at the UConn Health Center. How do you suppose that got there?

    Don’t be a punk and “ambush” a grown man.

    (Loved Barfight’s piece too.)


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