Lost Premiere Tonight! The Final Season….and nothing to do with football

lost-logoI haven’t missed an episode of Lost since it began.  Not one.  And tonight is the premiere of the new (and final) season.  I can only imagine that all those hours glued to the TV will pay off with every question and mystery getting uniformly resolved.  I know college hoops is up and running, but college football is done, signing day isn’t til Wednesday so why don’t you go treat yourself to some Jack, Sawyer, and Kate….one me.

Final Thoughts:
My girlfriend said she wanted to start watching.  We got one episode in and she goes, “I don’t get it.  Why don’t they just hang out on the beach all day, that’s what I’d do”   On some level I was almost dumbfounded, as any fan of ABC’s Lost would be, “Hang out? Hang out?!? But there is hatches, and codes, and a fucking polar bear mystery to be solved!”  But then I realized, holy shit, why the hell don’t they just hang out on the beach?

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