UConn Loses to USF …(FWG Overeats)

Arrival on campus: 5:05am.

It’s now two o’clock in the afternoon and I feel like a tiny gnome is swinging a pick-ax in my skull. Probably the combination of the flight, Tylenol-PM, and 5am McDonalds (2 egg McMuffins and a McSkillet burrito… mmm, cholesterol). I probably should stop talking about my late night (early morning?) dining experiences and address the loss to USF.

This is a first for the FWG, but I won’t break down the game by offense, defense, and special teams. I simply want to point out that in a game between two similarly talented teams, the team that makes the least mistakes will usually win. On Sunday night in Tampa, that team was South Florida. We battled it out in all phases but came up short.
The post-game locker room was a weird place. There was a thick “we-coulda-won-this” hanging in the air. When you play a game badly and lose, you get upset because you know that it wasn’t “your best game” and that you “can play better.” But there is something entirely different when you leave it all out on the field, and come up short. The game being decided by a few penalties, big plays, or a turnover.
Letting games get away from you that you should have won (cough-Rutgers-cough) is different from battling it out until the final seconds and coming up short. Of course the end result is the same and the truth is I’m not sure which one hurts less. Losing sucks (how articulate). But all we can do now is enjoy some Turkey (perhaps a Tur-duck-en?), get healthy, and come out swinging against PITT. Coach Orlando said it best, “We are truly a small margin away from making the turn from a “great defense” to an “elite one.” Thats all, now some:

Final Thoughts:

Respect-a-bull” campaign featuring Jim Levitt? Is their fan base really so bad they need a seminar on good sportsmanship during every TV timeout? In later news, Michael Jackson is now the spokesperson for the Ronald McDonald House.

I don’t want to sound bitter (but I’m going to sound bitter), but the USF fan base was on par with the turnout for Temple game.

That being said, I need to give props to their dedicated student section. Love their enthusiasm (and body paint).

The Grand Hyatt is the greatest hotel I’ve ever stayed at (sorry, Days Inn). Food, service, and people all outstanding.

The residents of Florida have finally had enough of toothlessness and lung disease (I know this from the terrible commercials every 5 minutes). Join the crusade at http://www.tobaccofreeflorida.com/ or fight the cause at http://www.skoalbrotherhood.com/Default.aspx (the FWG does not endorse either…take THAT NCAA).

Never thought I’d hear this while trying to block a field goal: “Hey 65!…LOVE YOUR BLOG.” Gave me the warm fuzzies all over.

FWG T-Shirts…coming soon!

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  1. maybe that last line of your entry should give you an indication that your putting too much emphasis on your future career and not enough on your current one! no seriously your blog is awesome can’t wait to see/hear/read your stuff in the future, nice work on Jacobs he’s a tool and evryone knows it, I think he just likes to reestablish his place in the CT media every now and then.

  2. Let everyone know that we got your back and will be loud and proud come the Pitt game and where ever you go bowling.

    Rob…you guys can and need to dominate the next 2 games. Finish strong and never regret your effort. We (the true Husky blue fans) never do.

    Refuse to lose to Pitt. We (you) own them.


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