Desi Cullen: Kicker, Lover,…Appendectomist?

Desi Cullen. Man. Kicker. Hair Model. And now…out-patient.

That’s right people, Desi Cullen had his appendix removed. This procedure is referred to as an appendectomy. Don’t worry, Desi is alright and recovering nicely.

The question was posed, how did this happen? I’ll tell you how it didn’t happen: from hitting, running, or over exertion: These are all things the “Kick Squad” avoids at all costs. No, while the rest of us are sweating it out, these young man grace our sidelines(sans helmets), telling jokes, and occasionally swinging their legs. So while we keep Desi in our prayers for a speedy recovery, we also need to remind people that, no, this didn’t happen during inside run.

Helmets are an unwelcome accessory to our members of “The Kick Squad.” Like a designer purse or handbag, these items are less function and more style.

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