A Husky Transfering…

Everyone enters college football with the same goal. Win as many games as possible, get a great education, and have a wildly successful career. Unfortunately it’s not that easy (for most). There are adjustments to make, and different paths to be taken. Over the past five seasons I’ve said goodbye to a lot of my teammates, for varying reasons. Some were cancers that had to be removed for the good of the team. Others suffered injuries and decided that college football simply wasn’t in their best interest. And still others decided that UConn wasn’t the best fit for them.
Today, I had to say goodbye to another teammate, which was especially difficult for me. I was conflicted on whether to post this, but in the end I decided it might be a fitting tribute to a person that I feel will be wildly successful in any and all that he does. It was just one of those cases where UConn wasn’t the right fit for his goals and aspirations any longer.
My good friend C.J. Marck is transferring. I wish him nothing but the best luck. He comes from an outstanding family and has a tremendous work ethic and love for the game. I hope that the fans of UConn Football understand that he hasn’t given up on UConn nor the “game.” Again, it is simply a case of what is best for him right now and in the big picture. C.J. was the kind of guy that brought a positive attitude to the locker room and brought a passion to all things football. I wish him nothing but the best.

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