Going Canadian…

We left Storrs at 7 am, which means I rolled out of bed at 6:30 am.

Anywhere else in the college universe this is Christmas break, so by those standards (like dog years) it was basically too early.

I’ll skip the details on breakfast, the bus to charter, and even the “color coding” system we’ve worked out for luggage.

We chartered a Miami Air jet, to fly to Canada. I’m hoping this irony isn’t lost on anyone. That sense of humor wasn’t lost on our pilot, who got on the intercom and informed us, “We’ve just landed in Buffalo. Local temperature is a balmy 5 below zero…enjoy your stay.”

From Buffalo we made our way (by bus) to the Canadian border. I had been warned about the horrors of Canadian Customs. Apparently people still smuggle “pelts” into (and out of) Canada. I wish I was lying. I’d also like to meet a “pelt smuggler” and promptly inform him that this isn’t 1845. The pelt trade is dead. Anyway, we get to our custom’s holding point. A Canadian official boarded the bus, smiled and gave us this little speech,

“So, UConn Eh? Great. Well-enjoy your stay, have a good match. What is this Hockey…or Rugby? Be safe, enjoy Canada. Good weather today eh?”

I wish I was making that up. I heard Mo Petrus and Martin Bedard (our team Canadians) groan, as this guy had just set their people back about 25 years, undoing all that Joe Canada had done during the 90’s.

(See Below)

Anyway, Toronto is a great cityso far, (we’ll see how tonight goes). I’m yet to see a moose or igloo, but I’m hopeful.

Also, Scott Lutrus is my roommate again this year. If anyone remembers last year’s bowl blog..tune in for more of the same. He’s currently showering…..

Check back soon:


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