Jim Levitt is a Fascist

Jim Levitt is a Fascist. Not your part time,” I don’t want to partake in Democracy-sometimes-Fascist.”(these men are Nihilists Donny, they care about nothing). An actual football Fascist, a malevolent dictator, answer to no-one, do as you please, top to bottom media control. Combine Fascism with the maturity level of a 5 year old and well, you can ask Europe what happened the last time those two attributes got together (you can thank us later France).
Why do I say this? Well his offensive coordinator, Greg Gregory, interviewed for another job, and he fired him without warning or consideration. He apparently has some axe to grind with one of his beat writers( Brett McMurphy of the Tampa Tribune), so what does he do? He cuts off his communication. “Don’t write what I like, NO QUOTES FOR YOU!” (channel your best Seinfeld-Soup-Nazi on that one).
So there are the two issues.
1. He fired Coach Gregory simply because he interviewed for another job. And he approached Levitt about it before hand. Poor guy comes back to work only to find out he has no job, “Ver are your papers? Your papers are not in order! You cannot see ze Fuhrer!” It wasn’t like he interviewed at another Big East school or any other so called “lateral” move. No, he interviewed at the University of Florida. This year’s National Champions (sorry, Utah). It’s a career-conscious move and now he is being punished for it because Levitt feels slighted. Shame on you Jimbo.
2. He is grinding out a personal issue, in the public spotlight with a member of the media. Now while it is a well-known fact amongst football writers that Jim Levitt only communicates through a complex series of grunts and sighs, and his disdain for the media is well documented, this is seriously over the top. Let the guy do his job Jim! You cannot just talk to one beat reporter and not the other. Apparently Levitt had a case of the sniffles that day in Kindergarten and chose not to join his classmates in learning how to share. Sharing is caring Jim, sharing is caring. But Levitt is the dictator, so I guess he can talk or not talk to whoever he pleases.
My point is this, with Levitt’s job security already weakening, why is he waging a personal media war and firing good, decent coaches? Another 2-5 record in the Big East and we can expect a coup.

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  1. They play footnball in Austria? Seriously? Wow you must be awesome.


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