FWG: UConn Running The “Hurry-Up?”

The Rob Ambrose era is officially over at UConn. Joe Moorhead has been hired to replace Ambrose, who took the head coaching position at Towson University. After a season in which the offense was anemic at best, UConn is now looking to Moorhead to inject some life and creativity into the UConn scoring game.
More interesting than Moorhead’s coaching pedigree (most recently serving in the same capacity at Akron University) is his plans for UConn’s offense on the field. The word from sources close to the progam is that UConn will be running a No-Huddle -Hurry-up Offense. Think of it as the two minute drill, for an entire game. For those that are unfamiliar with the system, current examples of this in college football landscape include WVU and Oklahoma.
While there is no word on whether or not UConn will be running a spread offense as well, there are definitely some questions yet to be answered. Most importantly: Can they replace Donny Brown?
Hopefully Moorhead has a plan to implement a more balanced offensive scheme. The end of the 2008 season consisted of handing the ball off to Donny Brown 30-40 times a game, with absolutely no passing threat. With less talent at the running back position this year it is going to be interesting to see if the “No-Huddle” gimmick will work.
There are already grumblings from an offensive line that is bigger than they are quick, which would suggest the players themselves are more comfortable in a slow paced methodical offensive scheme. “No huddle short yardage and inside run? I hope [Moorhead] is joking.” was one player’s response to the rumor of running the no huddle.
Whatever the case, Moorhead has his work cut out for him. Turnovers and play calling hurt the Huskies down the stretch, and without the legs of Donny Brown to keep the offense rolling it could be a long season for UConn.

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  1. Robb:

    I must say I’m dissappointed in your story about the new no huddle offense that looks to be the future of UConn.

    Of course the OL is going to wish it’s not true. How’d you like to go non stop down the field?

    Change is hard for everyone. I can tell you the QB’s, the WR’s, new and old and the RB’s are going to love it.

    While we may never see another like Donald Brown we still have some major talent waiting to fill in so don’t fret.

    When you say this you dis the entire offense…..—-without the legs of Donny Brown to keep the offense rolling it could be a long season for UConn. —–

    If I’m Dre, JT, Robbie or Meme I’m waiting for you to visit next year (grin)

    Play calling will be different this year so that should not be an issue.

    I’d say special teams were more of a killer than TO’s so if that get’s fixed things should be better.

    I have no doubt our paths will cross at a tailgate next year. Be prepared to say…”SOCJimmy was right and I was wrong”.


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