Zach Frazer: A UConn Man Through and Through

Zach Frazer transferred to UConn from Notre dame in 2007. For anyone that doubted his commitment to UConn after leaving the beloved Green and Gold, Frazer’s loyalties lie solely with UConn (and maybe a little with Subaru). Saturday night Frazer proved that his only ties to the bastion of Catholicism and College football are with his girlfriend who is still a student there.

Behold Frazer on ESPN’s coverage of the UConn men playing Notre Dame:

Well done Zach.
Way to rep U-C-F-B
*Special FWG thanks to Emily Noonan for getting these pictures.

Readers Comments (5)

  1. Saw that during the game, didn’t realize that was UConn’s (hopefully) starting QB for 2009 (and the 2010 Orange Bowl?)

  2. classic!

  3. I saw that duning the game, and wondered how he ever suvived the walk into that place… LOL… sweet

  4. FWG – thanks for confirming my vision is okay – major props to ZF

  5. Nice putting your logo on my pictures, Robbie….


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