Good Morning…That’s What She Said

thats-what-she-saidI’m sure this has been circulating around the Internet and I’m just the last to see it.  Actually I’m certain of that, since that’s how this operation works here at FWG.  We see something last, we report it like its first.  That’s blogging 101, friend.  But back to this detention notice.  I wonder who this over zealous, self-righteous teacher was, handing out detention with no regard.  The kid is obviously hilarious, and who the hell does she think she is having to note that “you have to push it in further” is just an “innocent comment.”  Who’s intelligence is she insulting? The Principal?  Mine? The masses who read this blog.  Someone needs to take this woman down a peg or two.  And yeah I’ve assumed it’s a woman, because obviously any guy teacher would think that’s hilarious and/or give this student a high-five.  Dear Teacher, I hope you’re satisfied.  (That’s what she said).

Thanks to Marwan/Corey for the tip.

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