The Girlfriend to FWG: “You Suck At Left Overs”


The site is called Thoughts From a Fat White Guy for  reason.  The reason being, I’m fat.  So imagine my surprise when my roommate (ehem, girlfriend) was all fired up that I ate the last serving of lasagna in our fridge.  I mean, here I was thinking this was an unwritten rule, a common law understanding.  Like, you leave the house and go to your “real job” and I get to stay home and blog, and thus have free reign on the refrigerator.  The home office pretty much makes this place my kingdom.  Like Robin Hood, you can’t kill deer in the King’s forest.  Well in this case my forest is a GE Stackable, and the deer?  Her mom’s excellent lasagna.  So when I got an email saying “you suck at left-0vers” I nearly choked on my piping hot serving of lasagna.  I suck at em? on the contrary, I kick ass at them.  I’m like the Ali of leftovers. I might have been mediocre at college football, but mid day meals…. The fuckin’ greatest.

Expect WWIII when she’s home (via G-Chat):

me: im blogging about the lasagna dispute
Alexandra: u suck

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