Sorry For the Lack Of Posting….But We Did 1,000,000 hits


I probably owe my legions of loyal followers an apology for my lack of attentiveness for the blog.  I’m out here operating on the boundaries of legitimacy, to bring you fresh content as you work your “real” job.  Well, in the midst of all this blogging excitement, some people have taken a real interest in the blog.  Impressed by our numbers, oh did I mention we did a million hits?  (Yeah no biggie on that)…so we are getting advertisers on the blog.  Who knew Thoughts From A Fat White Guy would be such a cult classic, the likes of a John Hughes  movie.

In light of recent success, I’m vowing to include the “Final Thoughts” section again, you know for the purists.

Final Thoughts:

I babysat the girlfriend’s little sisters this weekend (keep that between us though).  How nice it must be to have someone be like “now your napping” “now your eating” and what an unreal level of trust to just be able to take a dump in your pants, look at someone and say “you got this or what?”

A few weeks back I was heartbroken to find out that AIM is dead.  Like, if you use that shit you might as well be listening to an 8-track.  This is, of course, according to my teenage cousins. Who laughed when I asked what their Screen Names were.  Apparently they are all over Facebook, using that chat function and posting pictures that will someday make them unemployable.  Has Facebook really gotten that big? I remember the good old days when it was used to stalk other college kids and single women.  Side note: I’ll never stop using AIM….ever.  Come find me: Lunnde52 (yeah that’s the high school football screen name…for those keeping score)

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  1. Rob,

    When you say you did a million hits…what does that mean? In a month in a day?


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