Former Kentucky OC Rick Rhoades Is Pissed About Getting Out Coached

Juuuust when I thought my association with Austrian Football was over, this gem lands in my lap.  Here you  have former Kentucky offensive coordinator Rick Rhoades talking about his team, the Graz Giants getting upset by the Carinthian Black Lions.  Which, to put it terms people this side of the pond will understand, is like my high school team beating the Chicago Bears.  This Black Lions don’t have a coaching staff this year (budget cuts, blame the economy, etc). My favorite part is how the social cues by Rhoades are totally lost on our Austrian interviewer,  and of course this exchange:

“Coach, i think that wasn’t what you expected, what went wrong today?”
“How much time you got…they out-hit us, they out-coached us, they out-uh-…
“”They out coached you? They actually don’t have any coach”
“Yeah, I’m very much aware of that”

And the condescending laughter is also a bonus.  Chin up, Coach Rhoades.

Thanks to Ryan for the tip.

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