Wake Up! ….With A Metaphor For How Your Sad Life Has Become


Introducing the "Girlfriend Pillow"

Sears has really taken the guess work out of what guys are looking for in a woman:  lumpy breasts and one arm.  They’ve boiled down the whole girlfriend-experience to this polyester and felt pillow: Two boobs, one arm, and no judgement .  Shit, I’ll take 10!Unfortunately the “Wife” model comes with crushing guilt and an in-law attachment.

Yes, this is very, very real….and from Sears.


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  1. Optional See ‘n Say string that strokes your ego by repeatedly playing “I have felt tits!” (sold

    Look for the American Cancer Society to develop
    a ‘Post-Op Wife’ version for the Husband-of-a-Survivor demographic.

  2. this link is now being circulated around my office… great find, bro

  3. hmmmmmmm Where do I begin??
    I’ll take 20!


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