Your Fat White Guy Moment Of The Week

Well, some one finally did it. They’ve combined the two biggest problems in America (Booze and McDonalds) to make one amazing solution. I’m sure there are a lot of people who love getting drunk (I was in college once too). And of course with 6 million McDonalds locations nation wide, apparently people are also enjoying an occasional splurge on the Dollar Menu. The next logical step? Combine the two, for a wonderfully glutonous concoction.

Introducing: The McNuggetini:2 McNuggz (plus more for snacking)
1 tub McDonalds Brand Barbeque Sauce (plus more for licking off pinky finger)
1 lg. Mcdonalds Brand Chocolate Milkshake (plus more for bringing all the boys to the yard)
1 bottle Vanilla Vodka (recommended brand: Absolut)

Open the McDonalds bag. Eat one McNugg each, followed by two bites of the Filet-o-Fish (make sure you don’t tell anyone that you eat Filet-o-Fishes).

Mix three or four shots of vanilla vodka in the McDonalds Brand Chocolate Milkshake, followed by one shot each directly into your mouth.

Rim each martini glass with McDonalds Brand Barbeque Sauce. pour milkshake/vodka mixture into the glass. Garnish with a McNugg (which is to be swiped along barbeque sauce rimmed glass after the milkshake has been finished, and consumed with pure, unadulterated glee). Found at THISRECORDING.COM

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  1. I am simultaneously disgusted and intrigued.

    There’s a good bet that this new concoction factors into this weekend at some point.

    And I despise McDonald’s. Damn you brain child of Ray Kroc, booze, and the American ingenuity regarding all things alcoholic.

  2. Nasty. Vodka in the milkshake would be good but why the need to mix in chicken and bbq sauce with it. Screw that I’d eat the nugs on the side with some sauce and leave the drink sans food.

  3. are the nuggets still warm? or Chilled.. that would make a difference for my pallete


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