If I See Someone Walking Around With A Tebow Jersey, I’ll Probably Slap The Shit Out Of Them

tebow-jerseySo according to every major news outlet, that considers this news, Tebow’s jersey is not the hottest selling in the NFL.  Say what you will about the game, or marketing, but this really speaks more about the fans.  People need to have a little more pride about themselves.  If you are going to wear another man’s name on your back, how about someone who has…oh I don’t know, played an NFL game?  Go with the classic, proven time winners: Namath, Montana, Kelly, Marino, Butkis, hell even Rice.  Doesn’t matter if they didn’t play for your team, you can still respect what they’ve accomplished.

Which is exactly the problem, young Timothy, Denver’s newest resident hasn’t done shit.  Unless you count putting McDaniel’s job on the linehe-hate-me and costing his team their  2nd, 3rd, and 4th round picks.  This is a sell out move.  People who buy a Tebow jersey are going to feel exactly the same as those guys with XFL “He Hate Me” Jerseys in their closet: Stupid for the purchase, legendary at Halloween for the collectors item.

Bottom line, if I see you wearing this jersey, I’m going to slap the shit out of you.  The end.

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