Go Ahead, Let These Two Cats Ruin Your Day

Oh man, do I hate cats.  I’ve hated them my entire life.  Not their fault, really though.  See, anytime I get within 10 yards of a cat I have a god-awful allergic reaction.  And if a cat rubs up on me, dare he sneezes on me?  It’s game over for the Fat White Guy, get that epi-pen ready and start the show, it’s about to get ugly.  Think of that scene from Pulp Fiction, needle straight to the heart is the only way I’m coming back.pulp-fiction-needle

Even my girlfriend, who got this cat “Jinxy” for her first communion, still alive when we first got together was banished to the outside once I started coming around.  Poor cat died a year later, but that is the price you have to pay.  A Few dead cats along the way to loving your boyfriend.  I’ll be honest I’ve completely forgot where I was going with this.  Oh yah, the video.  One cat trying to wake his buddy up from the big sleep, with the low rent “Eres Tu” soundtrack in the background.

At first I was like, okay this redeems cats, one guy trying to bring his pal back to life.  But then I realized, shit this cat is just dancing on his buddies cold lifeless body.  Not to mention these to cats just ruined my entire day, getting me all worked up and it’s not even noon.  Typical cat, ruining shit for everyone.

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  1. Please… this cat is just using the other one as a scratching post, then sitting on him so when another chick cat comes by, he wants it to look like her killed the dead one so he could look like a bad ass… Cats are always looking for an angle.

  2. I too despise cats. I don’t even have an allergic reaction to them. They are good for nothing free loaders. What has a cat ever done that a dog can’t? Dogs will appreciate their owners and are much more fun to play with.

    Dogs rule. Cats drool.


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