Marijuana: The Calorie Free Alternative To Beer

Now you might be saying to yourself, wait a minute  that title and video don’t match up, and you’re right.  The video is about all the hippies in California learning to cultivate/sell marijuana.  It’s basically Pot-College, which is a lot like what my friends at UC-Boulder and the University of Vermont attended.  Not suprisingly, Pot-College California has the world’s best ultimate frisby/hacky-sack team.  Anyway, I’ll tie it all together with this excerpt from friend of the program, Drew Magary over at Deadspin:

9. I drastically cut down on boozing. This is a deal breaker for many people. But the unfair truth is that a six-pack after dinner adds about 900 calories, all of which go to your FUPA. So I cut down on it and spent weeks at a time dead sober. I have two kids and no friends, so this wasn’t a big deal for me. If you’re in college? Eh, not too realistic. But you know what has NO calories? WEED.


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