1 Year Old Snowboarder Hits The Slopes

So my buddy Mike sends me this video and says “this depresses the shit out of me.”  See, Mike is a first time snowboarder and to put it mildly, decided after his first time out that a helmet would be a great investment.  I laughed, thought the video was cute as hell, but as I got up to get my 4th cup of coffee it hit me:

First, this video isn’t cute, it’s creepy.  What kind of parent sends their 1 year old child hurling down a mountain with her feet strapped to a wooden plank?

Second, while yes this girl might be a better snowboarder than mike, there is plenty of stuff he can do that she cant:

  1. Not poop yourself
  2. Talk
  3. Drink a beer
  4. Not get easily distracted by bright lights
  5. Watch a PG-13 movie

You’re move, toddler.  Come talk to me when you’re 24, blogging, and living in a 3rd floor walk-up, until then I’m not impressed.


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