The ‘Stool Helps FWG “Find the Funny”

I’m a little low on reader e-mails. Haven’t FOUND THE FUNNY in quite some time. So while playing around with and being directed to the girl who punched her fiance after he asked for the ring back, I finally found the funny…on her MySpace page

Here is said (former) couple.
This guys has the worst tattoo of all time.
Careful ladies, he’s toxic.
Bio-hazard. Totally dangerous guy here.

What was this guy’s thought process? Do you think he got back to his buddies and said “Guys, I got the sweetest tattoo.” Which raises two points,
1. What group of friends let their boy get such a chunny tattoo (on par with a Yin-Yang tat).
2. Does this kid have any friends?

Readers Comments (2)

  1. is it my imagination or does this guy have a nipple ring too…

  2. not your imagination…(squinting) could be a nipple bar.


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