The Rook Weighs In: Speaking of Celebrity Crushes…


It’s not exactly a secret…I have no business talking sports.  Like any good American girl, my main concern with college athletics is 99.9% superficial and has all to do with former Gator, Tim Tebow.  More specifically: defiling his straight-laced Christian values.  So yay for Pac-10 expansion.  Because I have absolutely no idea what that means.

But let’s do the math:

Pac-10 hires Larry Scott as new commissioner.  Larry Scott is former CEO of Women’s Tennis Association, and was captain of the Harvard tennis team back in the day.  Larry Scott hires Creative Artist Agency (CAA) to be in charge of promoting the league.  CAA is a Hollywood powerhouse-publicist for stars like…Tom Cruise.

Well Larry must’ve missed the memo because Tom Cruise is an effing nut.  And is known lately for jumping on Oprah’s couch in fits of joy.  Translation: nobody likes him.  The only logical explanation for this mental hiccup is that Larry Scott has his nose in Cosmo crushing on Cruise or he’s been hit with the Bieber Fever.

But keep on courting Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas…I mean in all honesty his efforts made women’s tennis and the WTA tour the most popular it’s ever been.  That’s like Shaq challenging the Scripps Spelling Bee Champ.  Or me blogging sports.  Hope this cowboy knows what he’s doing.

Either way.  The faster Pac-10 scoops up some Texas team, the better.  Then I can start expanding my daily Google searches to include Colt McCoy.  And then Larry Scott can stop sitting on his thumbs over his Cruise fantasies.

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