The Rook is over Bieber Fever.


Glad that there’s NOTHING new to report from the most boring week of my life.  While the FWG has been sun-bathing in Martha’s Vineyard, I’ve been Upstate stalking the cable guy.  Annnnd we are finally back online.

Google can be so cruel.

The Bieb had his grimy, Vaseline-soaked hands all over the Stanley Cup.  Seriously?  Kid’s had his paws all up in ESPN business.  Threw the first pitch at a Chicago White Sox game (actually…he can keep the Sox.  And he might as well take the Phillies at this point).  And I’ll take the liberty of starting the “Bieber comes between Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush” rumor.

First things first, we need figure out which locker room he actually belongs in.  Also.  I hate The Bieb.  Am I the only one with standards?  That fake-lesbian haircut is deserving of a good smack down from the high school jazz band.

In fact.  A lot of lesbians…I mean, young women with bowl cuts who try to-look-like-little-boys…are mistaken for The Bieb.  Will some one just offer him some candy and a ride in their white van already?

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