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So there it is. The FWG on the Black Lions home page. Our first game is Saturday. I can’t wait. Should be simply amazing. I have loved every experience so far here in Austria, the people, the football, the food. All of it has been great, and now the first game of the season. This should be an adventure.

Some Final Thoughts:

UConn dominates Purdue….my brother-in-law (and Purdue alum) is about to get a series of harassing “Skype-Calls”

I have taken to purchasing “mystery meat” from the butcher. It’s no mystery to everyone else in the German speaking world, but I really don’t know what these words mean. Except for Puten. I know Puten. Turkey.

The FWG is considering chronicling his potential weight loss and body transformation. Please post in the comment section if you think this would be a good idea.

Recently I have gotten some interesting “fan” mail. It’s good to know that this site has moved beyond just friends and family commenting. I love to hear from you, good-bad-ugly-pissed-whatever. Let me know what you think.

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  1. think it will be an good idea to post the chronicle :)

  2. from a fellow Fat White Guy, I would be devastated if you start losing weight. DEVASTATED.

  3. Black Lions victory on Saturday! (let’s hope the Danube Dragons don’t have any Puff-like ‘magic’)

    Chronicling weight loss in your blog is a good idea. Accountability will keep the ‘good rob’/’bad rob’ voices in check. The difficulty will lie in the fact that your body has been trained to mega-calorie. Make it a lifestyle choice while you are young and you will reap the benefits longterm!

    I always had you pegged for a Huhn man (chicken) based on your envy of Tyler Florence.

    If you go for it, I recommend mostly Huhn and Fisch–both skinless. Roasted/grilled/broiled is best with ample servings of fruits and veggies, daily exercise and NO sugar.

    Just opinionating as a former FWG.

  4. You Suck… Hill Billy

  5. What’s up man? I’ll be at the game on Saturday and F that losing weight shit. Then you wouldn’t be the FWG. I bet you really do love that mystery meat…not in a straight way, but a gay one.

  6. Werde ein Black Lion!!

  7. That is incredibly impressive that your experience is ‘0’ and yet somehow they Black Lions wanted you to come play for them. Just another example of UConn football getting no respect…

    And chronicling your weight loss may sound like a good idea, but really what are we going to hear? I have already lost ten/fifteen pounds because I don’t work out near as intensely as I did in college, I walk a ton more due to being in Europe, and die Winerschnitzel is delicious but makes me feel so fat (sob)? And for those who are worried that you will no longer be a fat white guy – it’s a lifetime membership, no matter how much you weigh.

    Running tally of weight loss and clothing articles that no longer fit may be a better option.

    Best of luck on Saturday.

  8. weight loss??? I’d like to see a chronicle of potential weight gain. Like a “biggest gainer” competition.

  9. hahaha, youre listed as OL / DL I’d pay to watch you play offensive line

    ps, my verification word was “Palin” im even more proud to post on this obviously conservative page.


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