Australian Crocodile Is Just A Low Rent Punxsutawney Phil, And Even Lower Rent Paul The Octopus


DARWIN, Australia — A 16-foot saltwater crocodile has predicted Australia’s next prime minister.

The reptile named “Dirty Harry” chose Australia’s first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard Thursday by snatching a piece of chicken hanging under her caricature. He left opposition leader Tony Abbott’s piece of chicken hanging.

The 1,600 pound reptile predicted Spain would win the World Cup using a similar technique.

Analysts say Saturday’s election will be a very close race.

Wow, talk about your recent onslaught of imitators, am I right?  I mean here State-side our Marmota Monax (that’s Groundhog for the uneducated masses) has quietly gone about consistently performing his job year in year out.  Sure Bill Murray went and made a movie about him, but like any true performer he didn’t celebrate the highs, nor does he lament the lows.  Just gets up everyday in his small Pennsylvania town and does his job.  Leave it to the Europeans and Australians to start with all the fanfare; World Cup and Election Predictions?  So now these are the new Super Stars on the scene?  A little bit of advice to that stupid croc and the octopus who thinks he knows soccer:  Life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.  Call me when you’ve correctly predicted the weather for 124 seasons.

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