Wake Up! FWG Bringing You Free Cover At Ted’s


I’m heading out to Omaha, Nebraska as part of my current pursuits with ESPN Radio, so we’ve been a little light on the blogging this week as a result.  So there I was this morning, lathering Lever 2000, when it hit me “There…are….sober college kids…out there today” and by sober college kids, I mean a couple of dudes who really need Wednesday night Karaoke at Ted’s in order to get laid.  So, this one is for you.  The deal is the same as last week : Give the password at the door, free cover/drinks on FWG.  Boom.  This week’s password is “BROADWAY”  Password works for 10 people, so hurry.

And as an added bonus, send your pictures to THEFATWHITEGUYatGMAIL.COM and if I feature them on the blog, free FWG T Shirt.  You can’t lose.


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