The Rook Presents: A+ Allstar Night Out


Bruins v. Panthers…preseason match.  If a great opportunity falls into your lap, you’re not just gonna ignore it – which is why I still don’t believe that Tim Tebow is all that pure.  Yeah, I said it.

My roommate gets tickets madd cheap (I don’t ask questions) so we got the girls together for a night out and preseason puck.  You know.  Get all cute but not too overdone.  After all it’s only a hockey game, but after all we are only looking to each bag an NHL starter.

There was no disclaimer about $7 brews, the fact that Chara looks like some busted neolithic mime, that the most exciting fight would be between me and a fat sweaty usher, or we’d be seeing our high school math teacher who is now the “HOT DOGS!…BEER!…PEANUTS!” guy.

Since Ted’s is, ohhh a state or so away, we need a better season seats…aka sports bar to crash.

But! My roommate also has access to Buffalo Sabres season tickets (I still don’t ask questions).  At least we now know to: bring a flask, prep photo-roster for reference, and bring chairs to stake out the team buses afterward.

Random thought:



…not sure where i was going with that.

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