Get Me This Jacket Now!


[] Now you can have it all, the style and the concealment. The jean jacket is a classic…every man should own one. We’ve improved it for your pleasure. It features two large concealment pockets that are added to a name brand jean jacket. The pockets are hidden so no one will ever know. They’re large enough to hold a full-size wallet, important papers, cash and other valuables, even a small to medium size handgun. The pockets are zipped closed for added convenience and security. A classic look comes to life in this unique Concealment Jean Jacket.

I’m not sure what I love more; that there is a jean jacket that conceals my weapon with style, or that this “model” is totally fine sporting the Canadian Tuxedo (denim-on-denim, kid). ¬†Either way, the Miami Vice facial hair/hair cut makes this thing the total package. ¬†So I say, get me this jacket now!

Thanks to Matt for the tip.

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