It’s Password Wednesday: Beautiful Baby Edition


I won’t lie, I had no idea FWG was popular with the pretty-girl set.  Sure I was able to trick my girlfriend through creative blogging, but check out the babes dominating the shit out of password Wednesday at Ted’s Bar in Storrs.   This weekend is UConn’s homecoming and I’ll be there Friday night kicking it at Ted’s.  Where will I be staying? I plan on doing the classy thing and showing up at my old apartment, forcing entry, and making myself comfortable on the couch.  If questioned by tenants/police investigators I’ll simply invoke the “This is the house that Lunn” built rule, and be on my way.
But that’s Friday and today is Wednesday—karaoke night—so get to Ted’s early, use the password HANGOVER and enjoy free cover and few drinks on your drain-on-society-clinging-to-self-promotion-blogger.



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