Hail To The “Keyboard Nuts”


-I love getting emails. Entertaining emails. Emails with their own witty responses. Makes my job easier. Enjoy.
NEW YORK (AP) – CBS News veteran Morley Safer says he trusts citizen journalism as much as he would trust citizen surgery.

The “60 Minutes” correspondent was honored by Quinnipiac University Wednesday with an award
named for one of Safer’s old bosses, Fred Friendly. He accepted it with a warning that the business
problems of newspapers threaten all of journalism, and the public’s precarious right to know.

Safer said good journalism needs structure and responsibility. He considers the blogosphere no

alternative, saying it is crammed with the ravings and manipulations of every nut
with a keyboard.
Safer is 77 now and works part time. He says he has no intention of giving up what he considers
the best job in the world.
Dear Morely,
Obviously you have never read Thoughts from a Fat White Guy or Walk On Boy.
Enlightening journalistic material combined with inner passion, keen insight, hilarious
humor and gripping ‘Man-Talk’. And since when have you, Dan, Roger, Andy and
CBS, for that matter, had any real relevance lately?
Things were fine as long as Connie was still giving you guys a little, but she’s apparently
grown tired of your flaccid advances. Jim Nance will still give us our One Shining Moment
and ya’ll will still get paid to carry the Daytoner Five-Hunert.
So work even less, or better yet R-E-T-I-R-E (permanently).
Barry & The KeyboredNutts

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