The Rook Presents: Dear Brett, ever heard of the expression “favorite child”? xoxo Barack


Earlier this week I emailed my dad about his fave star everrr, Eagles’ QB Michael Vick, and the exciting anti-news of Obama’s recognition of Vick’s character.

Subject: RE: enjoy this. i know you will.

From: Dad

To: Daughter

What a bunch of SHIT….. No matter how you look at it Vick is an abuser of life and the “leader of the free world” is giving praise to the owner of the Philadelphia Eagle for giving Vick a second chance.

Feel free to put that in your blog or FWG.

It makes me sick to think what Vick did to those poor dogs and even sicker to think that those actions are now in some way forgiven.  I hope people never truly FORGET what he did.  In turn I hope that the voting public never forget what the past 2 years were like before balance was again restored and one political party can’t have the “free reign” on this great nation’s best interest.  Political moves at their best ….. Let’s call the owner of the Eagles (in Pennsylvania) and tell him what a great guy he is.  Maybe it will get me votes in 2 years.

Love you kiddo,


Hahahaha – Dad’s been blogged before as the Old Lion, fast asleep on the couch – remember?  He only ever gets riled about two things: shoes in the hallway, and Michael Vick.  I couldn’t help but feed the fire.

Obama loves Michael Vick so hard.  He is still sleeping up in his Hawaii hotel room wearing his signed Vick replica jersey.  Tell me that Vick doesn’t already have thousands of presidents, greenbacks and Benjamins to console him through his ‘struggle’.  Right?  All the while, Brett Favre is left sitting on his thumbs after investigative probing and a $50,000 fine.  Where’s the love, yo?

Firstly, I just sent that link to Dad.  Stay tuned for the next update from the Lion’s Den.  Secondly – do you think that Zygi Wilf and Woody Johnson are a little fired up that Eagles’ owner Jeffrey Lurie had a phone date with Obama?

P.S.  Sext T. Woods your lovin.  It’s his 35th birthday.  Holla!

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