The Rook Presents: Every-girl-ever just thinks you’re a lot like Tron Guy…


Tron Guy’s Homemade Costume – [shut the front door. i love this. so hard.]…and he loves Tron. so soft?

He’s starting his own superheros club.  And boy scout troop.

Tron Guy just shamed all sports fans.  FYI guys.  This is what you all look like to us (can I get an ‘amen’ sistas??).   Unless you’re packing a larger ray gun.

Every girl ever wonders this: what the hell is it with dudes and their teams [in TG’s case, movie fetish]? Which begs the question if your guy would rather you wear boyshorts with his team’s logo, or with the rival’s?  And don’t you dare touch his vintage jersey signed by _____.  Hypothetically.

My friend Scott is a NJ Devils fan and it’s gotten so bad that he started sleeping with his pajamas inside out, refusing to shave facial hair, and has been on the verge of tears basically since they hit the ice.  Unreal.  No chick is going near that mess.  Rather be sippin tron-tinis with TG.

Devils are what…last place now? And because they won on New Years Eve, netting their second win for the month, Scotty creeped around in a smelly, moldy Devils jersey the rest of the night. Then boozed til he dropped like Snooki in the ball…jersey shore rep-re-SENT.

SOOOooooOOO! Jets v. Colts this Saturday. Holla!

Pedicure plans – canceled. Attendance to brother’s beauty pageant (see video posted previously) will be postponed until the final whistle. My day is actually hinging on the outcome of that very game.  It’s mostly that I’m trying to avoid my crazy roommate’s idea of “girls nighttttt”.

Eff that shit I’m bringing Ed with me.  Pass the crackers:

, the hardcore hard hat Jets enthusiast”]Ed Anzalone, [Fireman Ed], the hardcore hard hat Jets enthusiast

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