Lou Holtz: Notre Dame Will Win National Title

In the most obvious surprising turn of events thiw sports century, a completely objective and unbiased Lou Holtz picked Notre Dame to win the National Championship.ESPN now has laws against tweeting, but somehow there’s no rule that keeps senile former football coaches off of television.  Speach impediment be damned, Lou Holtz is going to tell you what he thinks:

“If you asked me who was going to play in the National Championship Game, it would be Florida and the University of Notre Dame….they have one difficult game, and that’s Southern Cal…”

One difficult game?  One difficult game?!?  Pittsburgh, Michigan State, BC, and Purdue; None of those are difficult games? What objective human being thinks that Notre Dame is going to even go to the national title game, let alone win it?  Boo this man. Booooo.  I’ll be here on my high horse when Charlie Weiss has to address the media on November 21st after losing to UConn—and everyone else on their schedule.

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  1. Oh. Oh, goodness. This is glorious. Did Blue design this?

  2. Don’t mind Lou…his blood doesn’t circulate above his shoulders. And it’s Weis, unless Charlie has tacked on a few pounds since I saw him last. If that’s the case, we will allow the extra girth.

    The site looks great! Is there a workable link for
    >>subscribe to my feed (rss) on the header?

  3. @Bee The RSS Icon is working now 😉


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