ojsimpsontrial-iftheglovedoesn27tfitWe couldn’t convict OJ Simpson of murdering his ex-wife and her lover.

We couldn’t prove that Casey Anthony killed her baby.

In both cases, the defense attorney’s raised enough reasonable doubt to get an acquittal with the jury, when every other man and woman in the country knew they were guilty.

Based on all of the loopholes in the judicial system that allowed these gross miscarriages of justice to take place, one would have to believe that our government cares more about lying than it does about stabbing your ex-wife or taking your child’s life.

Somehow there is enough DNA evidence to prove that Roger Clemens lied about taking steroids over a decade ago, but none that could lock up a couple of high profile killers. It almost seems that there has been more a more vigorous prosecution of the former baseball player, who is by all account an ass hole, but has never ended anyone’s life.

Clemens’ attorneys allege that Brian McNamee planted the evidence. If you believe that someone carrying around another man’s DNA to perpetrate some form of blackmail, is more plausible than a baseball player taking steroids and trying to cover it up, I have a nice bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Perhaps all the time, money, and legal expertise that is going into proven Clemens’ guilt could have been used to improve the cases against Simpson and Anthony. When people who kill people can beat the rap in their respective cases, do we really need to waste all those resources just so we can shout “Liar, liar, pants on fire!”

One could argue that Simpson and Anthony had better legal teams, or were just plain lucky, but I have a different theory. Simpson and Anthony’s crimes, although horrendous in nature, were against civilians. Clemens is being accused of lying to the federal government.

The message here?

You can get away with homicide, but not telling a fib to the feds.

2:52 pm EST Apparently I was wrong, and you can get away with anything.


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