Being A Bills Fan: The Economical Choice

bills-fansSure, some have compared being a Bills fan to being the smartest kid on the short bus, but guess what?  Those are two honors I’ve proudly enjoyed.  Well it turns out there are now even more reasons to like the Bills, aside from the self loathing and propensity to be stuck in the early ’90s (were you a Bill-liever?).  According to the Buffalo Bills are the cheapest team to take a family of 4 t0: $303.96 sense.  Not sure what that is in “loonies” for our Canadian contingent. The most expensive?  You guessed it, Dallas Cowboys at $758.58 (New England in a close second with $597.25).  Look, someone has to pay for the “Jerry-Tron” and that means you stupid Cowboys fan.

Other highlights:

The cheapest place for a 16oz beer?  Tampa Bay or Greenbay for $5.75.  Which is a steal.  I think.

Minnesota and Cincinnati have the cheapest hotdogs, for $3.00 a piece.  A small price to pay for all that delicious pork “product.”

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