VIDEO! Tom Cruise In Boston: FWG Fans Do An Incredible Job Stalking

It was a bad weekend for me:  UConn lost and the Bills had a bye week.  So, this video is the best I’ve got.  Some FWG fans stalking the shit out of Tom Cruise.  So the video is of Tom (do you mind if I call you, Tom?) filming his new movie “Wichita” or “Knight and Day” trying to fish tail into a parking spot on the top of the Copley Parking Garage.    He isn’t doing a half bad job.  Someone asked if it was a stunt double, and I’m going to go ahead and say, “No!”  Tom Cruise doesn’t need a stunt double, not when he’s got the forces of Scientology protecting him.  That’s a fact.

Special thanks to Mike and Meg for sending this to me.

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