Where Do I Start?

Well, it has been a little while since my last blog entry. You’ll have to blame the demands of college football. I can’t spend all my time entertaining the wanting masses (by wanting masses I mean the 65 hits on this page, 60 of which I’m sure was my mother hitting refresh over and over).

So, I do need to catch you up on a lot.

I did the radio show with Joe D. Let me say how much I thoroughly enjoyed that experience and how much I truly hate the sound of my own voice. It creeps me out. But with Will Beatty and me on the air, it was nothing short of a great time. I have to give Joe D some props, while a fan of the Evil Empire (we’ll grant him a short exemption of hatred for now) his voice is like that of a winged angel and simply melts my heart (now don’t say I never mention you, Joe). I also have to give props to Normy, the “yin” to Joe’s “yang.” And I need to issue him an apology: I did NOT mean to blow you off Norm, I was just trying to get done with my pregame routine (I’m very superstitious).

Anyway, you can find the radio show here and let me know what you think.

If you are wondering why I kept plugging our Graduate Assistant, Tim Cary, it’s because I had a little bet going with some of the guys to see if I could work him into the conversation. That, and Coach Cary is a great guy. So great that after he left, Fairfield University had to cancel the football program because they knew it simply could never get any better. Well done, Tim.

I guess I should probably talk about the Baylor game.

They. Were. Fast.

Top to bottom, running back to receiver to offensive guard, that team had some serious speed. I would compare them with the only other team I’ve seen demonstrate this kind of athleticism…that’s right…our beloved toothless friends from the south, West Virginia University. And while Griffin (their QB) didn’t have “Gold Frontz” (you alone hold that honor, Noel Divine), he did have some serious speed.

Want to know just how serious his talent is? The kid won the NCAAs when he should have been in the end of his senior year of high school. He graduated in the fall and entered Baylor in the spring. Still not convinced? Why don’t you check out the play where I had him cornered in the pocket, already cutting the tape for my highlight reel, and he made me (a slow, fat, white guy) look like…well…a slow, fat, white guy. He was gone in a flash and rolling out. I chased in vain. He was good.

I have to say that our offense kept us in the game when it had to, and that Tyler manages and leads the offense like no other. People need to stop dwelling on the turnovers, when it came time to score (and win) we (he) did.

Special teams had a great day, and my hat is off to Desi Cullen on that tremendous punt pinning them on their own 4-yard line. I like to believe it was because of the Lunn-Sung-Hero Award that gave him that extra fighting, competitive edge.

The defense could have played a better game. And I think we all know it. But again, when the game was on the line (and it was) we came to play. And we were definitely robbed on that safety call, and the late hit that kept their drive alive to score.

My next blog?
I’m gonna touch on all the pre-game rituals of my teammates, from the crazy to the mundane, to the simply insane. And I’ll take you through my gameday, top to bottom.

So stay tuned, and visit often. Tell your friends, you’ll save my family a lot of trouble.
Go Sox!

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  1. If you keep winning games and the Big East again, UConn can’t be ignored.

    As for the pregame on the field routine…I saw you last year at the MCCB doing yours and you happened to be going through some Wake Forest players. From their reaction of laughing and looking at each other like, “Who does this guy think he is?” and “Check this dude out”, I guess they didn’t think you too imposing.

    Good job on the Randy Edsall radio show. Favorite part was the Hank Hughes Alex Polito story.

    Then there’s BU and Griffin. You guys beat him up pretty good. When you do get your hands on a QB, make sure you let him feel all 285 pounds of you.

    Great job so far with the blog.

  2. Great Blog. Keep it up. Met your mom at spring game. I would say that she is a big fan of yours (understatement of year). Also, quite a head turner. Anyway, nice game you guys. Too close for comfort, good win. Next week Louisville. How’s it feel going down there knowing that they have an axe to grind over the LT touch last year?

  3. Great blog man.

    Congrats on the big win vs. Baylor. You guys played your asses off (can I say asses?) and deserved the win.

    PS….id destroy you at RPS 😛 .

  4. Your blog is beginning to grow on me. It is like an E.coli colony and I am room temperature Canadian bacon.

  5. Lunn, I understand you feel robbed on the safety and the late hit. However, as a Baylor alumnus, we feel robbed on the punt interference call and the personal foul called on our LB when UConn scored a TD. That was a ticky-tacky call. The punt interference was a complete whiff by the ref. It was called on #26, who was wearing blue not white.
    I hope you guys keep playing well and get the respect you deserve. You played a good game. We are in year one under a new coach and we’ll give you all you can handle next year.

  6. My new favorite blog, which is saying something. Keep it up, man.

  7. You, sir, are my new American hero. Terrific stuff.

  8. Very good stuff, sir. Hope you keep writing.


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