Off to the ‘ville

I have literally 10 minutes until I board the buses to go to our plane to depart for Louisville. (Begin to start humming “Leavin’ on a Jet Plane” now.)

Anyway, in case I haven’t touched on it, I hope everyone who can make the trip down does. Papa John’s stadium is a difficult place to play, and it would be great to have some UConn fan support down there (I’m lookin at YOU, Dale).

Two things before I sign off on you.
1) Apparently it’s easier for me to get into the actual Daily Campus than it is to be quoted in the Instant Daily.
2) Hopefully my next post will be reminding you of how dominant UConn football is, at 5-0 (1-0), with a top 25 ranking, and of course include some berating of ESPN.

Stay Tuned,
Off to the land of Fried Chicken.

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  1. I’ll check to see your post after Brock Bolen pounds over you a few times and Victor Anderson flies by you on the way to another TD.

  2. Don’t mind Chris. As a UofL fan I’ve found your blog entertaining and insightful. I’ll be in the arena, cheering on the Cards, but I hope you play well, and wish you the best of luck.

  3. I’m not gonna lie I am an avid UNC fan but I find amazing joy in reading your blog because it helps me to realize guys like you aren’t just football players. Thanks for all the insight and I will be there front row of the thirty on your sideline to see you guys play UNC. Maybe I can thank you in person. Sorry but I will be rooting against you. Good luck.

  4. Made this video for your blog.

    Thought it would go well with the theme. Keep up the great work and go UConn

  5. I reserve my criticisms for your prose. Use of the cognitive thought process has little use on the gridiron, perhaps why you excel at such pursuits.


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