Wake Up To FWG Hate Mail

I’m just your humble,  overweight bloggger.  Spending my days trying to convince the girlfriend’s parents I’m not a drain on society.  I enjoy the simple things in life, like football, youtube, and hatemail.  The latter of which I’ve been getting a ton of.  So here is some of  the best, in response to yesterday’s piece on Mike Leach and whether or not he went too far (if, as it now seems, he went anywhere at all).

And now, the mail bag [Sic’d]:


“Rob – I guess the fact that you played “professional” football in Austria (are you kidding me?) makes you an expert and give you the right to make accusations that you have no way of knowing if they’re true or not. What is fact is that several players have already come out in defense of Leach and a few of them said they also were put in the same equipment room that James was supposedly put in. Hey, got a great idea, go back to Austria you clown.” (From John)


“I have looked forward to reading your comments in the past because I thought you brought some insite into the world of college football. However, after reading this article I realize that you do not research or report journalistically. You are basically taking the reporting of ESPN (Craig James’ employer) and fueling the fire. Do you know that all injured players are to attend Texas Tech practices and rehab while practice is conducted? Do you know that the doctor said James could return to practice, but light could be detrimental? Do you know that the doctor said that Leach’s actions were a positive for that particular injury? Why should James not be held to the same standard as other players? Just because he has a daddy that will stand on a big soap box and scream foul, Leach is supposed to appologize. That is right, the James family wanted a written appology or they would go public, Leach refused to apologize for wrong doing and here we are. It’s about time someone has a pair and stands up to the James’s.”  (From Mark)


“wow nice move retard. biased reporting at its best” (from Steve in Texas)

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