Jersey Jokes Wearing Thin? …fuhgeddaboudit

As you know it’s Rutgers week. Which means the time to crack on Jersey is at hand. After being featured on NJ.Com for the previous post, I feel a little bad that some of it might have been taken out of context. On the other hand, if you cant take a joke, please hit “ALT + F4” and this problem will solve itself (thanks Bill Gates).

So, Rutgers week. Something I’ve noticed by watching the film is that their confidence and play execution is getting increasingly better every week. Their center, Ryan Blaszczyk provides some senior leadership and on film he’s out there making plays. Never mind that he went to Shawnee High School with Ryan Wirth (we’ll forgive him for that). Wirth confirms it: “Hes a good kid, hard worker…he can play.” We should have our hands full (metaphorically and literally– they’re averaging about 305 on the O-line. Keep on keepin’ on, fellow FWGs).

We’re finally all healthy on the D-Line. No thanks to OT (Louisville) George Bussey (not to be confused with Gary), who claimed two ankles and a head trauma from the UConn Defense.

Not much more on Rutgers until after the game on Saturday.

Expect a battle.

Some Final Thoughts:

Desmond Conner of the Hartford Courant is writing a piece on social issues in college football. Look for it this week. Why is this relevant? ‘Cause today Cody Brown and I had to pose for photos. Why is this in the blog? For two reasons:

1) It cut my lunch short (enter FWG reference)
2) I had a thick, thick five o’clock shadow going, so I took my hair clippers to my cheeks to tone it down before the photos (don’t call me vain). I was looking in the mirror, noticed my sideburns needed trimming, and with the skill of an uncoordinated eight year old, promptly lopped off an inch of my right eye brow. (Attempts to “even it off” were equally as unsuccessful.) Look for it on ESPN-U this Saturday @ 12.

Scott Schultz (Jersey native) and I had a discussion on New Jersey today. He said that I had the wrong impression, along with a lot of other people. He said people only see Newark and the oil refineries. He said there’s actually “a lot of really nice areas” in the dirty-dirty. Sure Scott, and there’s a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you. The best part of Jersey? The “Welcome to New York” sign.

A shout out to Chris S. and his staff in the equipment room. I’ve noted that my clothes have turned from L to XXL, but also thanks to him and the “team issue”, my closet is now all navy and white with Nike Swoosh’s. Thanks big guy, (I’ll pick up my pull-over tomorrow)

Congrats to Chip Malafronte and Andy Staples, who today, each chalked up one reference to leg sweeping Aryans, bringing today’s 80’s movie references total to three. Unfortunately, the guy at Store24 did not know why when I asked how much the paper was, I answered my own question with “I WANT MY TWO DOLLARS!!” (If you know why, e-mail me. No, there’s not a prize. Yes, this is a shameless attempt to receive more mail).

Forgot to drop more NJ razz on you. Hair Gel, Glow Sticks, Camaro, Springsteen, Blowout, Newark, Jersey Girl.
(ahhh, much better)

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  1. Better off Dead – 1985
    and it’s “two dollars”, Fatty.

  2. I question your usage of “Fat”. Last I heard, you haven’t even sniffed 3 bills! :) Keep up the great work, on and off the field. Beat Rutgers!
    –Mr. Wood–

  3. oh right. and upper new york state is good?? if it werent associated with NYC, you’d be split up between vermont and Pennsyltucky. We dont even pump our own gas, whats better than that?

  4. “oh right. and upper new york state is good?? if it werent associated with NYC, you’d be split up between vermont and Pennsyltucky. We dont even pump our own gas, whats better than that?”

  5. I appreciate the shout out mr lunn. and on behalf of the part of the state i dont hail from, i would like to apologize to you and all the other upstaters (including your gardener and full kitchen staff) that we could not meet the wonderful standards you all have set so miraculously high. ill see you tomorrow in meetings big guy.

  6. I guess the joke was on all of entire special teams units. Did Schiano leave a horses head in Lyndon Johnson’s bed Friday night?

    Big East chamionship for UConn … fuhgeddaboudit!

  7. I think we all thought your jesting was in good fun, Lunnn. I am crestfallen we’ve no postgame reaction today following Saturday’s toe-stubbing. Cat got your tongue?


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