WVU, Pat White, The Big East (and brown paper packages tied up with string)

…these are a few of my favorite things.

This will be a quick post; heading to start pregame in about 30 minutes. So, after watching tape, and more tape, and more tape, everything I thought previously is true. White and Devine can score at anytime. Literally, anytime (even yesterday, when you thought scoring time was over). That and I don’t know where they recruit these guys, but Devine goes down last game and their freshman promptly rips off a 40-yard run down the sideline, as if to say, “Yeah, that just happened.” Don’t expect WVU dominance in the Big East to stop any time soon (take that Dick Rod!). But speaking of the Big East, the word in the media is that it’s a “down year” and that we are “Glorified Mid-Majors.”

To that, what do I say? We have teams in the Top 25, a Syracuse program in need of some serious help, and teams up and down the East Coast that are in the mix to pull top recruits every year (yes, even you, Rutgers). College football is a funny game (funny how? like ha-ha funny?….).

Traditional powers have their traditions and their alumni support, and their deep recruiting networks, but even storied programs can fall and rise ([cough Army cough Cuse cough]).

And others can come out of nowhere (enter Boise and Smurf Turf stage right). For someone to dismiss an entire conference for no apparent reason is not only stupid, it’s journalistically irresponsible (yeah, like we preach responsibility here at TFWG). The truth is that sports-media outlets want to run stories on what is comfortable, what is usually guaranteed (when all it is, is a guaranteed piece of sh*t). People don’t like anyone undermining the so called “natural order” of things. But the reality of college football is that parity is good and as recruiting and coaching get better (at every level) you’ll see more of it. Every team is vulnerable every week and there is no such thing as a guarantee (here’s looking at you, App State).

WVU v. UConn 12pm @ The ‘Rent.


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  1. Dear Mr. Rob Lunn

    I just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs on a daily basis. Not only have I had the pleasure of seeing your fat mug on this webtsite but I appreciated the shout out as noted below:


    Good luck this weekend…go Huskies

    PS if anyone who Finds themselves as a registered voter in the greater Rochester, NY area…RE-ELECT JUDGE LUNN November 4th!!

  2. Dear Rob:

    I am a WVU fan and can I say your blog rocks. Great comments from inside in the game. Great writing. Very readable. Just keep it up!

    And not too much luck on Saturday …… Go Eers

  3. Lot better game than the score showed, FWG. Can’t understand why you guys went away from the running game. But your defense is for real. Best of luck the rest of the way.


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