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I normally like to stay away from discussing politics in public, except for the occasional Judge Lunn plug (c’mon, he’s my father). There was an article in the Hartford Courant which has shown which way I will be voting. So my Dad’s a Judge, I’m a Political Science major and it’s a presidential election year. The FWG must weigh in (as goes FWG, so goes the nation).

I must say I wish there were someone running on the Meathead platform (“I promise Creatine, Protein, and Powerbars for all. No more refined sugars or processed foods!”). Alas there is not, so I’ll be forced to vote for McCain-Palin. Not that I don’t like Obama, but I simply think it comes down to foreign policy views and experience (Alaska is the new Russia, haven’t ya heard??).

Mainly John McCain’s service to America throughout his life (that and any Top Gun fan has to vote for him…hello…nickname = MAVERICK, he’s got the need for speed).

I will say that I am SURE there are a lot of “undecided voters.” Probably not a lot reading this blog. But if there are, read the article and take it for what it’s worth (you know you can’t trust bloggers…don’t you?). But read, think, discuss. But most importantly…VOTE.

To the Undecided Voter

“If you’re an undecided voter in this presidential election the least you owe your country is to try to base your final choice on some substantive facts. No, I don’t have all the facts here … but I have enough of them to perhaps convince you that voting one particular way on November 4th might not be the most brilliant move you’ve ever made. . . . Never [in 10 elections] can I remember choices so stark and possible outcomes so perilous…” (read on HERE)

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