Remember What I Said About Marginal Good Looks…

Find the Halloween post to understand this one:

A short recap, Halloween party, costumed college kids, dim light source = best possible situation for a bigger guy (read FWG), to find a female of his liking. Like the majesty (and rarity) of a Solar eclipse (minus the retina searing UV Rays!) the fates have aligned to bestow a beautiful baby that might actually be interested in you.
I now offer up some empirical evidence:


(You’re welcome, Scott)
(Thanks, Noonan)

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  1. Wait a second. Is that a football player dressed up like a football player? Is there at least an inside joke, like its a punters jersey?

  2. Looks like he is dressed as Michael Vick. Note the jersey and the dog he is holding.

  3. Got it. That IS funny. Thanks for the clue-in.


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