Morning Links: Tebow Cant Throw…PERIOD, Morning Miracles in Central New York, and I’ve Hired an Intern

  • tebow-deliveryAll of this “Tebow in the NFL” talk has led me to the conclusion that people aren’t too sure if he can make it.  Judging by the above picture, his side-arm delivery is rock solid and ready to take the NFL by storm (of locusts).  There has been some talk about him heading the Jags, which apparently is not sitting well with Uche Nwaneri, who got on the Jags fan board and gave his own Top 5 of why Tebow sucks.  Reason #1… “He can’t throw….PERIOD!”  read the other 4 reasons here. [YahooSports]
  • tom-lemmingSpeaking of Tebow, here’s your morning miracle: 31 players signed on to play Syracuse Football. Now do you believe in the impossible?   Oh and here’s one of the little whipper-snappers now.  With his helmet of hair and athletic body, he’s already two steps ahead of me career wise.
  • In more FWG news, after an extensive search, we’ve hired an intern.  You won’t see him, cause he’ll be behind the scenes, getting my coffee, folding my clothes and making my dinner.  I tried to warn him “this will be nothing but a blemish on your resume”  But, he seems to think we’re doing something right here.  And I can’t disagree with him; 22 intern applicants and 1,000,000 readers can’t be wrong.  Then again, they probably could.


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