Squeeze the Juice…(Originality Not Intended)

Returned from the bitter cold and awful temperatures of Upstate New York, and back to the…bitter cold and awful temperatures of Eastern Connecticut (Welcome to UConn…the Arctic Campus). While my life as a football player (apparently north of the Arctic Circle) is approaching its conclusion, I cannot be distracted from my duties as a blogger. So, here’s the break down:

The ‘Cuse Game:
There is something to be said for going back home and winning. I personally had about 45 friends and family there (my own personal FWG cheering section). I also couldn’t be happier for our coaching staff (particularly the Syracuse alumni).


Syracuse: Greg Robinson was apparently still trying to “find his groove” (news flash, Greggy, if you haven’t found it after four years, it ain’t happenin’), rotating quarterbacks and running backs and trying to shove the football down our throats. The only problem with this “smash mouth” football is that if you concentrate so heavily on the run, all a defense has to do is win first down (forcing second and third and longs) and force a run-heavy team to pass. I’d say we did a pretty good job of this (3 picks).
I honestly felt bad for the Syracuse offensive line. They are some heavily recruited, talented seniors, who have known nothing but losing (something like 35 losses in 4 years). This may sound cliche, but when our defense got rolling (and roll it did), you could see it in their eyes, the look of “Not this, again.” Keep your chins up seniors, you’re the ones in the arena, the glory belongs to you.
UConn: If you haven’t heard by now, Tyler Lorenzen was/is our starting quarterback. A little deception by Coach Edsall never hurt anyone (but more on that later). Tyler knows how to win better than anyone I know, and he has some serious intangibles (no not that chiseled jaw, ladies). You can’t teach competitiveness and Ty has that in spades. And then there is Downtown Donny Brown (DDB). DDB had another 100+ yard day on the ground (132 yards on 31 carries…yah that just happened). Add that to our offensive line that was blocking and protecting solid all day and it’s a winning combination.

My many friends on Syracuse’s defense couldn’t find an answer for our running QB/RB threat. They forced a few bad decisions but nothing that wasn’t overcome by poise in the pocket.
UConn: I don’t know what more I can say about Cody Brown. He better be a lock for Big East Defensive player of the year (sorry Selvie). The kid will block your passes, sack your QB, tackle your running back, and do your laundry. Robert “Reggie” McClain takes another “pick-to-the-crib” (did you notice his Fat-White escort down the field?). Jasper “Jazz” Howard with another pick at the end of the game to seal the win; not the perfect game, but definitely firing on all cylinders.

Special Teams:
We got a punt blocked, we blocked one of theirs. I wont dwell (yes, I will).
In bigger news, Dave Teggart was named Big East Player of the Week. He is also currently tied for the school record in consecutive kicks (9 for 9); all I need to do is put him on the cover of Sports Illustrated and I will have successfully jinxed him. Good luck, Dave!

Some Final Thoughts:

After routing ‘Cuse like that, my Dad came up to me and said “Aren’t you glad you weren’t good enough to play for Syracuse”? (A little background: I grew up an hour away, I was offered, then un-offered, then offered again). I guess the answer is, Yes. I made the right choice with UConn (and you can too!). I want that program (Syracuse) to come back and become a big rivalry for UConn. Or at the very least for Jim Brown to get a new hat (bring your green hat…we’re going streaking!!). But I will carry the memory of winning in the Dome forever. I will also carry the memory of Coach Edsall tearing me a new one for the defensive holding call…

Defensive holding: What a load of crap. Toughen up offense (you just know it was some complaining O-Coordinator who initiated the rule change). O-Linemen have been doing this since the beginning of time. Seriously. I had a word with the official who threw the flag (who by the way, is an outstanding individual) and the exchange went something like this:
FWG: Come on’, was it at least close?
REF: Yeah, but I had to throw it, your other boys been doing it all game.
FWG: Yeah, I guess every good crook eventually gets caught.
REF: (laughter) Yes…. Just ask O.J.
FWG: Wow, Sir. Well played, well played.

Today the real champs at my future employer came to see me– no not Chippendales or McDonalds (good-bye dollar menu). That’s right, the fine folks from New England Sports Network (NESN). Look for a Fat White Guy Feature tomorrow night on NESN.
Speaking of Chippendales:

Also tune in shortly, as I address this article in the Hartford Courant:

End Doesn’t Justify Means

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — He plays the state media like some bumbling high school defense and makes no apologies for it. Randy Edsall uses deception, misdirection and, if all else fails, lies.
(to read the rest, Click Here)

Shortly: Short-ly (Sh-ore-teh-lee): in the near future, when I have time to write, edit, publish and insert multimedia into my posts.

Why are you over my shoulder?
Isn’t it about time Chandler (not bing)
did his close on this piece? Seriously.
It’s time to go. Please. Please. …Please

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