Coach Pinocchio…(The Ends Justify the Means)

I need to address the article in the Hartford Courant that calls Coach Edsall a liar, or more poignantly, “Coach Pinocchio.” Of course this was a reference to Coach hiding (from the media) the fact that Tyler Lorenzen would be our starting quarterback instead of Cody Endres or Zach Frazer. I’ll save the details of the article for you to read HERE, but in summary, Jeff Jacobs said that Coach Edsall could not be trusted to tell the truth nor be honest in any situation. He also said that Coach Edsall was wrong for using “misinformation” and that in doing so he cheated not only the fans of UConn football, but also the buyers/readers of the Hartford Courant who pay to “read the truth.”

First and foremost, let me say that Coach Edsall may be a state employee but he is hardly an elected official and therefore not endowed with the public trust. He doesn’t have a duty to anyone, except perhaps his players and his boss, athletic director Jeff Hathaway. College football at the Division I level is a competitive sport, where advantages and edges are gained through even the smallest of details.

I personally (as well as our defensive staff) have combed through hours of tape to try and find a glimpse of an opposing offense’s signals that might give the slightest advantage come game time. So why, in the name of all things relevant or sane, would Coach Edsall divulge that our injured starting quarterback was back from his injury and would start against Syracuse? This would present a major adjustment in game plan for an opposing team and certainly gave us an edge.

An unnamed source inside the Syracuse program confirms it: “Yeah, Tyler wasn’t even on our scouting report.” And yet Jacobs takes a personal shot at Edsall for being dishonest? Welcome to major college football, Jeff. I am sorry that your personal sensibilities were harmed by Coach Edsall not releasing that Tyler would be our starting quarterback. But whose interest would that serve? You claim that the fans of UConn football were done a disservice. I disagree completely.

If anything, it will make fans more adamant followers of UConn and college football in general. I personally think it makes the game more exciting. “Who will play this week? What will happen that wasn’t released in a press statement?” And yet you call Coach Edsall a liar.

I consider him the most honest man in college football. And that is from a point of view that matters most: one of his players. Whether I liked it or not, I have always known exactly where I stood with Coach, and I have also known exactly what he expected of me and so have my teammates.

Because Coach left out certain information (he didn’t lie) only upsets you because it affects your byline. There is no rule that insists on an injury report in the Big East so maybe your quarrel should have been an open letter to Mike Tranghese, but not a direct attack on Edsall.

I hardly read what the media has to say about UConn football (unless it’s on Runway Ramblings), but someone forwarded me the article and I got upset. Coach Edsall has done a tremendous job transitioning UConn football and building it into a power. If that comes at the expense of a little misdirection, then guess what? So be it. In this case, Edsall is the Machiavelli of the college football landscape. So YES, Jeff. The ends DO justify the means.

I now offer this:


ahhh tremendous.

South Florida post will be up shortly.

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  1. Shortly never looked so good. Nice job.

  2. you just made the list Ringer…

  3. Why the Courant keep Jacobs on the payroll is beyond my comprehension. He is without a doubt, the most negative whining little baby that I can imagine. He HATES UConn athletics, yet 80% of the Courant’s readers are UConn fans. The Courant’s new ad campaign could star Jacobs … “The Hartford Courant, buy it, read it, hate it!” or “Nothing goes better with your morning bagel than a glass of whine.”

  4. Jacobs is a whiny little asshat who can’t be bothered with anything that resembles real reporting. The dude always wants to be hand-fed his stories and god forbid he understand RE’s perspective on this.

    Way to take Jacobs out back on this one. He always mentions The Boneyard in a negative light in his columns because we roast him, so we welcome you with open arms to Jacob’s Shitlist FWG!

  5. He is Jeff Jacobs! You are like the buzzing of flies to him!

  6. I haven’t liked Jacobs since that New Years Eve he tired to steal the body of a real reporter and rule the earth. Good thing the FWG (Fat White Grump-buster) sprayed him with that slime.. which was probably gravy.


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