You Know What Really Grinds My Gears…

Heres a hot-steaming pile of ridiculous:
Donny Brown unseats Pat White from his two-year reign as Big East Offensive Player of the Year (heavy is the crown Pat, heavy is the crown). Donny was the leading rusher in the nation all year. Donny is the most stand up human being of all time (Donny was a good man, he surfed the beaches of San Pismo…). He is given this honor, which he most deserved. Then makes SECOND TEAM All-America (Put your boots on. Careful not to step in the bull-sh*t).

But, what else can we expect?

Some Final Thoughts:
Having no finals during finals week? Priceless. Some time off to visit family.

…and apparently explore my metro-sexuality. Seriously. The things we do for love (I know I’m just providing great material for my teammates here). My Aunt (who owns a salon) thought it would be a good idea to wax my eyebrows (why would anyone ever do that more than once?).

I took the girlfriend to see “Mamma-Mia” (the music of ABBA set to a story line…).
And you know what? I’m not gonna say I hated it. I wish I could sit here and entertain you with how I checked my timepiece every 5 minutes. I didn’t. In fact, I may have been caught singing Dancing Queen more than once (It’s really not my fault. Do you have any idea how catchy those songs are?…MAMA-MIA…HERE I GO AGAIN).

Just cause I’m a fat meathead does NOT mean I cannot enjoy the finer things
(I’m all cultured now).

I graduate tomorrow (Sunday)…yes me, the FWG, is done with his “book-lern-‘n.” Follow your dreams, you can achieve your goals…I’m living proof.

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  1. Congratulations on graduating Rob. Go get’em in Toronto.


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