FWG Goes to Hot Tub Time Machine

Look, it ain’t gonna win an Oscar, but if you want something you can enjoy a cheap laugh about (no, not Charlie Weis) go see this movie.  One of the advantages of being a world renown blogger (and having a cousin that gets hit on by movie execs at PF-Changs) is getting to see advance screenings of epic films, such as this one.  The premise is weak, but the storyline, actors, and comedy don’t take themselves seriously, which is refreshing.

And there are enough 80’s cliches to keep the hipsters and the nostalgia crowd happy, which is pretty boss (see what I did there?).  Take a peek, don’t bring the family, and try not to leave thinking that rampant cocaine use was normal in the 80’s (unless you were on the Dallas Cowboys).

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