Best Show On TV: Modern Family

Sure that’s a bold statement, especially for a guy who watches a ton of TV. But Modern Family is the best show out there.  The Office has fallen off, LOST gets me more and more confused every week, but then there is Modern Family on Wednesday nights, tickling my funny bone, and other unmentionables.

Final Thoughts:

Sofia Vergara was the first pinup I ever had.  September 2001, Maxim Magazine.  My mother, in a fit of over zealous Spring cleaning through out this “special” issue a year ago.  It was a sad day, but she’s also in Modern Family.  Nothing clever about how hot she is.  She stupid hot.

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  1. Jason DeGrasse March 23, 2010 @ 2:34 am

    I agree’d with you until I saw Ochocinco cutting the rug on Dancing w/the Stars. He even found a way to get T.O. in the mix. Those two men are television gold.


  3. My wife put me on to this show. Aside from the hilarity, the eye candy is fantastic. A must watch for single and married men everywhere.


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