Kentucky vs WVU Elite 8 Game Is Lose – Lose For The Dental Community


Well guess all those toothless redneck jokes weren’t so unfounded.  Take THAT Morgantown!  Don’t smile if you make it to the Final Four.

I’d like to make the “tooth brush night” joke here, but I figure the NCAA is too classy to hand out toothbrushes at the Elite 8 match up.  Or are they?…you’re move Amateurism Police.

[Oral Health Loss Of Natural Teeth: State Breakdown.] (

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  1. Sadly, one of the culprits (especially in Appalachian areas) is the frequent consumption of
    Mountain Dew soda beginning in the developmental
    years (often in toddler sippy cups) coupled with poor oral hygienic regimens. The high acidity and sugar level erodes tooth enamel and leads to a myriad of periodontal issues including tooth loss.

    ABC News [Kentucky born Diane Sawyer] did a documentary entitled: ‘A Hidden America: Children of the Mountains’ which featured a segment that included a dentist and the problems he encountered with children in his mobile clinic. Watch the full show if you can find it. It will give you a new appreciation of their suffering.


    Also, the people of Huntington, WV have not been too receptive of Jamie Oliver’s attempts to help them eat a healthier diet/exercise/lose weight . His feature show was to debut this week.

  2. If WV wins this game, they should change NCAA tournament champion song to “One Shining Molar”


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